Reduce your business cost

Seacon Environment Ltd. is a company dedicated to working in partnership with the construction industry; architects, engineers, developers, construction companies and public bodies to bring about identifiable business benefits via sensible and sensitive environmental sustainability and management, sustainable buildings and excellent working and living environments.

We believe that environmental sustainability is not simply an ethical stance ; it is a total business culture which puts economic efficiency and social inclusion at the head of every organisation.

At a simple level it is that sound environmentally sustainable practices bring about cost reductions and greater efficiencies in respect of doing business, waste and energy reduction. At its best it is a fundamental change in the way in which every individual approaches their role in the organisation and in their lifestyle.

Seacon Environment is working with clients in the UK, the Philippines, the Ukraine Panama and Brazil to reduce waste, conserve resources, develop sustainable buildings, implement change management, and develop individuals and communities to deliver real economic and social benefits on the basis of environmental sustainability, social responsibility and sustainable procurement. 

Colin Somerville

Seacon’s Founder and Managing Director, Colin Somerville, has over 20 years of experience of work at all levels in the disciplines of the built environment. He possesses qualifications in Building Surveying, a BSc. Honours Degree in Environmental Studies, and is a qualified BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment) Assessor for Commercial, Industrial, Retail and Office buildings and Bespoke International Buildings (any building type, domestic or commercial ouside the UK) .

His tenure of senior posts in technical surveying, buildings maintenance management, business management and development, change management and major contract procurement give him the unique capacity not only to analyse the business needs of organisations and companies in fine detail, but to position these needs within the bigger picture of current and future local,national and global requirements and legacies.

Specialities & Unique Selling Points

Seacon’s approach to the implementation of environmental sustainability in construction is bespoke, depending on the project. Broad guidelines are freely available to organisations when developing buisness sustainably, but Seacon is convinced that this one-size-fits-all approach is limited and inefficient.

Our clients will be provided with a bespoke and comprehensive three-stage approach.

a. We will work with you in order to come to a real understanding of your business. 

• What you business is about.
• How it operates.
• Your organisational structure.

b. Agree where your business is now.

• Your current position and understanding of environmental sustainability.
• Where you want to be in terms of environmental sustainability.
• The legacy you want for your organisation going forward.

c. Develop and implement a jointly-agreed plan on :-

• Increasing environmental sustainability and efficiency.
• Environmentally sustainable company credentials and innovative solutions.
• Bringing about total organisational understanding and commitment to the delivery.